Books and Journal Special Issues

  • Learning with Support Vector Machines by Colin Campbell and Yiming Ying (Morgan and Claypool, 2011). This is a concise introduction to Support Vector Machines and kernel-based learning. It is available as an ebook from Morgan and Claypool or as hardcopy from Amazon or Waterstones. Introductory Lectures on Support Vector Machines, from the 6th International Summer School on Pattern Recognition, provide a shortened summary of some of the content of this book.
  • Special Issue: Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods. Editors Nello Cristianini, Colin Campbell and Chris Burges. Machine Learning, vol. 46, 2002.
  • Special Issue: Support Vector Machines. Editors C. Campbel,C.-J Lin, S.S.Keerthi, V.D. Sancez A. Neurocomputing vol 55/1-2, 2003.
  • Special Issue: New Techniques for Analysis for Microarray Data. Editor Colin Campbell. Bioinformatics vol. 19, 2003, p. 1045.