“While we teach, we learn.”
– Seneca

I love getting involved in activities for school pupils, undergraduate students and visitors to the university. Here is a selection of some recent activities; feel free to contact me if you would like more information on any of them.

Workshops for secondary school students

In conjunction with the Further Mathematics Support Programme and Access to Bristol I have designed and run the following workshops.

Talks for student societies

I have been invited to give the following talks for undergraduate mathematics societies.

Tutorials in secondary schools

The Brilliant Club is a national charity which works to widen access to universities for pupils from under-represented groups. I have worked with The Brilliant Club to run two courses of six mathematics tutorials in local schools. I designed the most recent course, which was based on my research.

Other schools outreach

At the University of St Andrews, I was involved in various widening participation schemes with local schools such as summer schools and a space school. I also ran the following workshop.

Talks at conferences

I have been invited to speak at the following conferences on outreach, engagement and science in schools.