LMS Early Career Fellow

University of Padua and University of Bristol
Scott Alt(5) Bristol
“Symmetry is a vast subject, significant in art and nature. Mathematics lies at its root and it would be hard to find a better one on which to demonstrate the working of mathematical intellect.” Hermann Weyl

I am currently a London Mathematical Society Early Career Fellow and I am visiting the University of Padua. Until recently, I was a PhD student in the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Dr Tim Burness. My general research area is group theory: the mathematical study of symmetry.

My research to date has mainly focussed on group generation, probabilistic group theory and permutation group theory. However, my interests extend to algebraic groups, representation theory, combinatorial group theory, algebraic combinatorics and fractal geometry.

For a non-technical introduction to the field of group theory, with a particular focus on my PhD topic, see this short exposition on The Art of Measuring Symmetry.

In 2017, I was awarded the Cecil King Travel Scholarship from the London Mathematical Society, with which I visited the University of Auckland and the University of Western Australia.

My Erdős number is three, via Harper → Burness → Seress → Erdős.

Feel free to contact me at the details below.