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James at his PhD award ceremony February 2012.

Pete at his PhD award ceremony July 2011.

Carol at her PhD award ceremony 14 July 2008.

Group photos from the symposium in honour of John Findlay, ECEM 2007, 22 August 2007. The photo shows (from left to right) Heiner Deubel, Zoï Kapoula, Val Benson, Robin Walker, Françoise Vitu, John Findlay, Iain Gilchrist, Simon Liversedge, Eugene McSorley and Trevor Crawford.

Lord Sainsbury, UK Minister for Science visited the Department 23 September 2004.

A vision group visit to the pub 2004

A scanpath recorded in our lab appeared on the cover of Nature Neuroscience, January 2004

Casimir (left) and Ali (centre) at their PhD award ceremony, 9-10 July 2003

Munich Symposium on Visual Search. Ammersee, Germany, 6-10 June 2003

The new Eyelink 2 eye tracker, Summer 2002

The Boys

Casimir Ludwig, on the right, and Alastair Smith. Both have now completed their PhD's are working as postdoc's in the group.


Wacom PL400 graphics tablet for recording drawing movements.


Vision Group Day Trip 9 November 2001.

Workshop on Active Vision, Bristol UK, 1st September 1999

AV people

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