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Research Interests
Here are a couple of videos of me talking about my work. The first is a general one about being a neuroscientist in Bristol:

This second one is more specific:

As you can see my research is concerned with the link between vision and action. Vision provided information so that we can interact with the world. One major focus of this work has been to understand how and why we move our eyes, which I discuss in the video above. However we also study a range of other visually guided actions such as foraging and drawing. In order to understand these processes we use a range of methods including testing both patients and unimpaired individuals, eye tracking, modelling, MRI and MEG. To find out more have a look at some of my papers which are listed in my CV.

Current team in Bristol

Matthew Asher

David Nickerson

Kate Longstaffe

I also help run and carry out research within the EPSRC funded centre for decison making research, The centre currently has 5 PhD students and 2 postdocs. From more details click here.


ScanMatch is a novel approach to compare saccadic eye movement sequences (also known as scanpaths) that we have developed. For more information and access to the Matlab toolbox click here

Why not study for a Ph.D?

I am always looking for bright, motivated students to work in my group and study for a PhD.
Bristol offers an excellent training program and the benefit of studying in a vibrant research environment. If you are interested then please feel free to contact me.

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