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Imprints aims to promote a critical discussion of egalitarian and socialist ideas, freed from theoretical dogma but committed to the viability of an egalitarian and democratic politics, and open to the possibility of such politics at the international level. We take it for granted that most societies in the world are characterised by class oppression, but that class division does not exhaust the unjust inequalities to which their peoples are subject.

Contributions are invited on topics such as the theory and practice of equality in domestic and global contexts, the theory of history, the normative foundations of social inquiry; and on social inequality, political practice, and institutional change. The criteria for the acceptance of papers include analytical power and empirical rigour; no school of thought or intellectual tradition is excluded, though we are committed to the view that the world remains a rationally intelligible place.


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Contents of vol. 8, no. 3

  • An interview with Joseph Raz
  • Philip Bielby: Equality and Vulnerability in Biomedical Research on Human Subjects
  • Kevin Hickson: Revisionism Revisited
  • Kieran Healey reviews Klinenberg’s ‘Heatwave’
  • Harry Brighouse review Alstott’s ‘No Exit: What Parents Owe Their Children and What Society Owes Parents’

Contents of vol. 8, no. 2

  • An Interview with T.M. Scanlon
  • John Quiggin: The Equity Premium and the Socialist Case for Public Ownership
  • Tony Burns: Whose Aristotle? Which Marx? Ethics, Law and Justice in Aristotle and Marx
  • T.M. Wilkinson reviews White’s ‘The Civic Minimum’
  • Bill Jordan reviews Ehrenreich’s ‘Nickel and Dimed’ and Abram’s ‘Below the Breadline’
  • Alan Carling reviews Wright’s ‘Class Counts’

Contents of vol. 8, no. 1

  • An Interview with Martha Nussbaum
  • Richard W. Bruner: It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times
  • Albena Azmanova: Curbing the Deficit: Democracy After the European Constitution (Constitutional Solutions to EU’s Democratic Deficit)
  • Paul Warren: Locating the Injustice of Exploitation: Some Thoughts on G.A. Cohen’s ‘Exploitation in Marx’
  • John Christman reviews Brighouse’s ‘School Choice and Social Justice’

Contents of vol. 7, no. 3

  • What We Do For Others: Situating Duty and Justice
  • Jonathan Seglow and Gideon Calder (co-editors): Introduction: What We Owe to Others
  • An Interview with David Miller
  • Avner de-Shalit: Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself: Friendship and Critical Moral Deliberation
  • Niall Scott: Is Altruism a Moral Duty?
  • Maureen Ramsay: Equality and Responsibility

Contents of vol. 7, no. 2

  • An interview with Susan Mendus
  • Chandra Kumar: Progress, Freedom, Human Nature, and Critical Theory
  • Colin Macleod: Agency, Goodness and Endorsement
  • Axel Gosseries reviews Christopher Kutz's 'Complicity'
  • C.L. Ten reviews Brian Barry's 'Culture and Equality'
  • Janna Thomson reviews Darrel Moellendorf's 'Cosmopolitan Justice'

Contents of vol. 7, no. 1

Contents of vol. 6, no. 3

  • An interview with Norman Geras
  • Philip Ross: Marxism and Communitarianism
  • David Bates: Ideology and the Intellectuals
  • Seth Crook reviews books by Lomborg and Plumwood on the environment

Contents of vol. 6, no. 2

Contents of vol. 6, no.1

  • An interview with Alex Callinicos
  • Matt Matravers: Luck, Responsibility and 'The Jumble of Lotteries that Constitutes Human Life'
  • Stephanie Luce: A Primer on the US Living Wage Movement
  • Jeremy Moss reviews Martha Nussbaum's Sex and Justice
  • Bill Jordan reviews Alex Callinicos's Equality
  • Adam Swift reviews Jon Mandle's What's Left of Liberalism

Contents of vol. 5, no.3

  • An interview with Thomas Pogge
  • Marc Stears and Stuart White: New Liberalism Revisited
  • Harry Brighouse: Dworkin on Equality of Power
  • Catriona McKinnon reviews Onora O'Neill's Bounds of Justice
  • Alan Carling reviews Peter Singer's A Darwinian Left?
  • T.M. Wilkinson reviews G.A. Cohen's If You're an Egalitarian, How Come You're So Rich?

Contents of vol. 5, no.2
(Winter 2000-2001)

  • An interview with Bob Goodin
  • Paul Wetherly: Living in a Post-Egalitarian Society
  • Stephen Wilkinson: Intellectual Property Rights and the Human Body
  • John Bellamy Foster reviews Jonathan Hughes on Marx and Ecology
  • Jonathan Hughes review John Bellamy Foster on Marx and Ecology
  • John Russell review Figes and Kolonitskii on the Russian Revolution

Contents of vol. 5, no.1
(Summer 2000)

  • An interview with Frank Vandenbroucke
  • Norman Geras: "Life was Beautiful Even There"
  • Graeme Kirkpatrick: " Towards a Critical Sociology of the Computer Interface"
  • Matthew Clayton: "The Resources of Liberal Equality"
  • Elliott Sober reviews Christopher Boehm's Hierarchy in the Forest

Contents of vol. 4, no.3
(Spring 2000)

  • An interview with Nancy Fraser
  • Stuart White: "Recovering Republican Political Economy"
  • Tom Mayer: "A New American Left"
  • Ed Reiss reviews Wheen on Marx
  • Zdenek Konopasek reviews Scott on the State
  • Nick Manning reviews recent books on Russian capitalism

Contents of vol. 4, no.2
(Winter 1999-2000)

  • An interview with Joshua Cohen
  • Ronald Paul on Jack Common and George Orwell
  • Kurt Jacobsen and Alba Alexander on Emancipating Nature?
  • Matt Matravers reviews T.M. Scanlon
  • Hallvard Lillehammer reviews Jean Hampton

Contents of vol. 4, no.1
(Summer 1999)

  • An interview with Ruth Lister
  • Franck Duvell and Bill Jordan on Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship
  • Gordon Hughes and Adrian Little on New Labour's Communitarianism
  • Andrew B. Trigg reviews Laibman on Capitalist Macrodynamics
  • Ben Crum reviews Little on Post-Industrial Socialism

Contents of vol. 3, no.3
(Spring 1999)

  • An interview with Elliott Sober
  • Alan Carling on Labour's "Third Way"
  • Paul Wetherly on Socialism in our Times
  • James Ladyman on the Sokal Affair
  • Robert E. Goodin on Welfare and Responsibility

Contents of vol. 3, no.2
(Winter 1998-99)

  • An interview with George Monbiot
  • Bill Jordan on New Labour
  • T.M. Wilkinson, Raz on Equality
  • Jocelyne Couture, Liberals and Cosmopolitans
  • David Archard reviews Geras on the Holocaust
  • Jason Edwards reviews Steger on Bernstein

Contents of vol. 3, no.1
(June 1998)

  • An interview with John Roemer
  • Christopher Woodard, 'Egalitarianism, Responsibility and Desert'
  • Nigel Pleasants, on Habermas's Critical Social Theory
  • Tom Mayer reviews Marcus Roberts on analytical Marxism

Contents of vol. 2, no. 3
(March 1998)

  • An interview with Michael Rosen
  • Kai Nielsen, 'Socialism and Nationalism'
  • Vittorio Bufacchi, 'Reasonable Agreement'
  • Alex Coram, 'Socialist Distribution'
  • Keith Graham reviews Pettit on Republicanism
  • Judith Squires reviews Lister on Citizenship
  • Iain Gault reviews Diamond on History

Contents of vol. 2, no. 2
(October 1997)

  • An interview with Erik Olin Wright
  • Steven R. Smith and Mike O'Neill, '"Equality of What?" and the Disability Rights Movement'
  • Alex Coram, 'Social Choice Theory and Welfare'
  • Alan Carling reviews Skyrms on Evolution and Contractarianism
  • Libby Miller reviews Folbre on Paying for Childcare

Contents of vol. 2, no. 1
(June 1997)

  • An interview with Thomas McCarthy
  • Alex Callinicos, 'History, Exploitation and Oppression'
  • John Baker, 'Studying Equality'
  • Christopher Bertram, 'Theories of Public Reason'
  • Paul Dixon, 'Public Opinion and the Northern Ireland Peace Process'

Contents of vol. 1, no. 3
(March 1996)

  • An interview with Philippe Van Parijs
  • G.A. Cohen, Commitment Without Reverence
  • Adrian Little, 'Flexible Working'
  • Philip Gerrans, 'Locating Nationalism'
  • Elizabeth Frazer review Searle on Social Construction
  • Ruth Lister reviews Jordan on Poverty

Contents of vol. 1, no. 2
(October 1996)

  • An interview with Jean Hampton
  • Ed Reiss, 'Nothing Human Should Be Alien to Marx'
  • Andrew Glyn, 'Taxing and Spending'
  • Jennifer Hornsby, 'Free and Equal Speech'
  • David Morgan reviews Diemut Bubeck, Care Gender and Justice

  • Read 'Editor's Notes from the second issue!

Contents of vol. 1, no. 1
(June 1996)