Philosophy of Science

Alexander Bird
University of Edinburgh, UK

UCL Press

Fundamentals of Philosophy Series

May 98
1 85728 681 2 328pp Hbk 30.00
1 85728 504 2 328pp Pbk 10.95

An up-to-date, clear but rigorous introduction to the philosophy of science has long been needed, and this book at last presents to lecturer and student alike the ideal text for the subject's exploration. The book offers an indispensable grounding in the philosophical understanding of science and its problems, and captures through astute illustration with real science the excitement of the exploration of the natural world. The book pays full heed to the neglected but vital conceptual issues such as the nature of scientific laws, while balancing and linking this with a full coverage of epistemological problems such as our knowledge of such laws. Laws of nature, natural kinds, theories, realism, induction and anti-inductivism, scientific progress, explanation, and rationality, the scope of science, are all illuminated with keen insight and communicated skilfully to the reader who is furnished with a profound understanding of the issues raised by one of humankind's most ambitious and thrilling endeavours.