Live Science - Emergency! Exit?

Emergency! Exit?

What would you do in an evacuation?

A Live Science project in the Science Museum, London, from 2 September - 1 October 2014.

We invite visitors of the Science Museum to take part in a real research study.

Why are we doing this study?
Emergencies, such as fires, often force large crowds to evacuate buildings or vehicles quickly. This can be dangerous and sadly sometimes people get injured or seriously hurt. We are running this study to investigate what factors influence decisions made by people during an evacuation and how these factors could be managed to improve safety.

What is the experiment about?
Do you always know where the nearest emergency exit is? Would you follow the crowd or the exit sign to escape? This study investigates what affects the decisions people make during an emergency evacuation.

What happens in the experiment?
We ask participants to play a short computer game based experiment that simulates an evacuation from a building. There are several different games where participants are asked to control the movement of a simulated person in a crowd and follow some simple instructions.

Who can take part?
All visitors of the Science Museum are welcome to take part. We recommend participants are able to read simple instructions on the computer screen and use a mouse to control the game.

Nikolai Bode
Dept. of Engineering Mathematics
University of Bristol
Edward Codling
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
University of Essex
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