Dr Anton Shterenlikht, senior lecturer in solid mechanics in the Solid Mechanics Group (SMG) with the Mech Eng Dept at the University of Bristol.

My ORCID page.

I specialise in computational fracture mechanics, multi-scale modelling, HPC, Fortran coarrays, inverse methods, residual stress.

SourceForge projects:

  • CASUP (cellular automata microstructure evolution library in Fortran 2008)
  • ParaFEM (highly scalable MPI FE solver)
  • ABUMPACK (user materials library for the Abaqus FE sover)
  • disp2sif (Calculate mode I+II stress intensity factors (SIF) from displacement field around crack tip)
  • cmplx (validation of Fortran 2008 complex intrinsics on branch cuts)
  • coarrays (a 1-day course on Fortran 2008, 2015 coarrays)
  • erf (Fortran 2008 library for calculating error functions of complex argument)
  • optpack (global multi-start optimisation package for fitting mechanical behaviour of materials)
  • scnu (mechanical stress relaxation (MSR) residual stress measurement method for plates)

PhD positions

Project ideas

Y1 solid mechanics minimum

Hopkinson bar videos


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