Dr Anton Shterenlikht, senior lecturer in solid mechanics with the Solid Mechanics Group (check out our channel) with the Mech Eng Dept at the University of Bristol. I specialise in computational fracture mechanics, multi-scale modelling, residual stress, inverse methods, HPC, supercomputing, Fortran coarrays. I'm open to research collaboration.

For my consulting services in Fortran, solid mechanics, HPC and supercomputing contact my company CMPLX Engineering Ltd.

NanoAM project

SourceForge projects:

  • CGPACK (cellular automata microstructure evolution library in Fortran 2008)
  • ParaFEM (highly scalable MPI FE solver)
  • abumpack (user materials library for the Abaqus FE sover)
  • disp2sif (Calculate mode I+II stress intensity factors (SIF) from displacement field around crack tip)
  • cmplx (validation of Fortran 2008 complex intrinsics on branch cuts)
  • coarrays (a 1-day course on Fortran 2008, 2015 coarrays)
  • erf (Fortran 2008 library for calculating error functions of complex argument)
  • optpack (global multi-start optimisation package for fitting mechanical behaviour of materials)
  • scnu (mechanical stress relaxation (MSR) residual stress measurement method for plates)

Publications, results, etc.

PhD positions

Project ideas

Y1 solid mechanics minimum

Hopkinson bar videos


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