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Prof Stuart Burgess



2012    Journal of Smart Materials and Structures: Featured Paper

2010    International Journal of Lean Six Sigma: Best Paper Prize

2008    Wessex Institute Scientific Medal

2005    Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

2003    Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

2002    Process Engineering Prize (Best paper in IMechE Journal of Process Engineering)

2001    Water Arbitration Prize (Best paper in IMechE Journal of Engineering Science)

1997    Worshipful Company of Turner’s Bronze Medal

1995    Bye-Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge University

1993    Worshipful Company of Turner’s Gold Medal

(Presented by Professor R. N. Franklin, Vice Chancellor of City University)

1993    UK Mitutyo Design Prize

1986    Design Council Molins Prize

(Presented by the Right Hon Peter Morrison, Minister of State for Trade & Industry)

1985    IMechE National Queen’s Silver Jubilee Competition, Second Place



My current research focuses on efficiency modelling of mechanical systems in the areas of biomechanics, robotics and transmission drives.

Current grants include:

·         Global Research Award in robotics (Royal Academy of Engineering)

·         Triumph Motorcycles – electric motorcycles

·         Jaguar Land Rover – advanced control

·         Myorobotics – development of musculoskeletal robots



I previously worked at British Aerospace as the lead designer for the solar array deployment mechanism for the £1.4 billion Envisat spacecraft. My main contribution was to invent and design a double-action worm gear set for the three hinges of the robotic arm. A world patent was taken out on this unique gear box and several papers were written describing its design and efficiency. The gear box has the ability to absorb enforced displacements during launch and also to cope with high thermal loads in orbit. Envisat was successfully launched in March 2002 by the European Space Agency and is the largest civilian spacecraft every launched. In 1993 my work was awarded the UK Turners Gold Medal for Engineering Design.



I am interested in the teleological argument. From my thirty years of experience of design research in engineering and biomechanics I can see evidence for intelligent design in the natural world that convinces me that there is an intelligent designer. Many engineers and scientists are sympathetic to the idea of intelligent design in nature, although not many scientists will publicly declare their interests because they know they may become the victim of internet trolls who run abusive web sites. This is sad because science is meant to be free of intimidation. I have written a book called ‘Hallmarks of Design’ published by DayOne where I present evidence of purposeful design and beauty in nature. The book was first published in 2000 and there is even a Dutch edition! The book has been very popular and is still in print. I have written two other books: ‘He made the stars also’ and ‘The design and origin of man’, also published by DayOne.



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