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 exhibition]'In Fashion' (15 images)

Opened on 9 October 2003. The word fashion has many meanings, but in the context of this exhibition I have concentrated on the clothing and 'in vogue' aspects. I am highly ambivalent to these. On the one hand the superficiality and the wastefulness they promote. On the other hand they allow individuals to express themselves and be creative. I suppose my biggest problem is with rampant consumerism, fed by advertising, and the affect this is having on the world. Recycling is one of the ways of countering this, and it is good to see people scavenging for secondhand clothes, etc.

 exhibition]'Life Cycle' (15 images)

Opened on 13 May 2003. Birth, life and death - or is there more to the Life Cycle of humans? Perhaps many of us have lost touch with nature and our spiritual sides and have this rather one dimensional view of life. I believe that people live on after death in the minds of others through what they have created during their lives. I also believe in reincarnation, and hope that I will come back in another life as a raven! I feel an affinity with the crow family of birds and especially the raven. It would be wonderful to be the master of the air as the raven is, soaring, performing acrobatics, and watching the world from on high. Who, or what, would you like to come back as? An unfortunate result of the one dimensional view of life is a tendency to selfishness, living for the moment and not having concern for others and the future of the planet.

 exhibition]'Transpositions' (15 images)

Opened on 14 September 2002. Sometimes we see people/things transposed into a strange and often unsettling setting in our dreams. Or something can be transposed into a familiar setting with the same effect. In some cases similar transpositions can occur in our woken life.

 exhibition]'Elegies' (15 images)

Opened on 30 June 2002. Modern life is an improvement on earlier times in many ways. However, not all is progress and we lose things, values, attitudes, and people themselves. What do you miss? What elegies would you write, or visualize? Some of my elegies for things lost, or about to be lost, are shown in this exhibition. The period I was creating the new exhibition turned out to be a sad one for me. A friend and neighbour of mine died after a long illness leaving a wife and three young children. I had to add an elegy for him.

 exhibition]'Creatures of the Night' (15 images)

Opened on 20 April 2002. Have you ever been out walking at the dead of night? What unexpected creatures did you chance upon? What strange sounds did you hear? Did you feel you had entered another world? Or perhaps these creatures came to you in your dreams. The new exhibition shows you some of my answers to these questions.

 exhibition]'Desire unbound' (15 images)

Opened on 31 December 2001. This exhibition was inspired by the major surrealism exhibition at Tate Modern in London from 20/9/01 to 1/1/02 and titled 'Surrealism: desire unbound'. Desire is central to the surrealist's world and comes in many forms and flavours.

 exhibition]'Journey into Night' (15 images)

Opened on 14 August 2001. Night is often a journey to a mysterious, beautiful, and sometimes frightening land whether in your dreams or your woken life. It can also be an escape, refuge or relief from the 'real' world of the daytime and its sometimes harsh light. The surrealist embraces the night.

 exhibition]'Living Rooms' (14 images)

Opened on 10 June 2001. When we are in our living rooms we are often more ourselves, for better or for worse. Living rooms can be settings for drama, melodrama, romance, virtues and vices.

 exhibition]'Aspects of love' (14 images)

Opened on 25 March 2001. Love is one of the most surreal experiences and is a central theme in surrealism and post-surRealism (together with desire, death, transfiguration...). Each person probably has there own definition of what love is, and how it affects them. There is a definition in the post- surRealist encyclopedia on this site.

 exhibition]'Intimate Moments' (15 images)

Opened on 28 August 2000. What else needs to be said?

 exhibition]'Tate Modern ideas' (14 images)

Opened on 17 July 2000. The opening of Tate Modern was an exciting development. The new gallery is housed in a converted power station and has a huge entrance hall (the old Turbine Hall, 500feet long by 100 feet high, or 150m by 30m).

Part of this space is used to display sculpture or installations,and Unilever has sponsored the Unilever Series of five works by contemporary artists which will be shown in the next fiveyears.

The first series of pieces were by Louise Bourgeois and consisted of a huge spider and three towers. What would you create for this space? "TateModern ideas" shows some of my ideas! These have not been submitted for consideration by the Tate or Unilever.

Details of the Tate and a link to their web site are on the Inspiration page.

 exhibition]'Person to Person' (14 images)

Opened on 21st May 2000. Relationships are complex and often 'irrational', but surrealism and post-surrealism seek to illuminate them.

Most of the images in the new exhibition are developed from silent film stills. The heightened emotions, sometimes bordering on melodrama, and veiled sexuality of the silents seem perfect for probing the 'surreal theatre' of relationships (well in my opinion they are!).

 exhibition]'Life of Trees' (14 images)

Opened on 25th March 2000. Trees are wonderful creations; witnesses and chroniclers of history, life giving. We destroy them at our peril. They are worthy of our closest friendship and respect.

In many ways trees are the antithesis of destructive, wasteful, rushing, vandalising humankind.

 exhibition]'Behold the Sea' (14 images)

Opened on 16th January 2000. The seas and oceans gave us life, and provide the water we need to live, and yet we use them as a dumping ground and plunder the life from them. Sometimes calm and gentle, and sometimes wild and perilous, the sea can also be seen as a metaphor for the journey of life, and we are ships of varying seaworthiness, purpose, speed, destination....

 exhibition]'Selected Assemblages' (13 images)

Opened on 14 November 1999. Shows a selection of assemblages - sculptures formed from the assembling of found objects to provide resonant post-surRealist insights. A particular challenge is how to show these 3d objects effectively on a 2d web page.

 exhibition]'Beauty of Flight' (11 images)

Opened on 5th September 1999. Have you ever dreamt of flying....? Do you wonder at the golden age of the airship?

 exhibition]'Gardens of England' (11 images)

Opened on 16th July 1999. Gardens are very special to the English, and are often mirrors of the soul. This particular exhibition is special to me as it was the setting for a meeting that led to an unforgettable romance.

 exhibition]'Anatomy of Desire' (11 images)

Opened with the fakeTate Gallery on 6 April 1999. 'Anatomy of Desire' seeks to investigate the female body as a crucible for the artist's desires.

 exhibition]'Permanent exhibition' (11 images)

Opened with the fakeTate Gallery on 6 April 1999. The 'Permanent exhibition' shows a cross section of the artist's work up to the opening of the fakeTate Gallery.

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