About me

Welcome to personal website, please take a look to my interests and experience.

My experience

I am a field and exploration geologist who has worked in northern Chile for the mining company BHP for 5 years. I have industry experience in different copper mines and also, in greenfield and brownfield exploration projects. Above, you can see some pictures of myself working in different projects and localities.

My role at Bristol University

At Bristol, I am Research Fellow in Mineral systems involved in a BHP Billiton funded investigation. It studies the links between volcanism, tectonics, and mineralisation to better understand the formation of porphyry copper deposits in Chile. As part of the Bristol PCD team, I am focused on bringing a mining perspective to the group and facilitating knowledge transfer between academic and industry partners. I am also working on a PCD Master by research project with Jon Blundy, Alison Rust and Steve Sparks.

My research interests

My main interest is Economic Geology, particularly porphyry copper deposits. My research is focused on understanding the relationship between volcanoes and porphyry copper deposits (PCD) in South America. Some of the questions that I am trying to answer are how often these deposits repeat in time and space. I use statistical analysis in order to predict the location of the next PCD and therefore, contribute to the exploration business.

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If you are interested in contact me about my research or any other enquire, please send me an email to: lia.ls.ituarte@bristol.ac.uk

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