August 2014: Jemma Wadham chairs a session on "Developments in the Understanding of Subglacial Aquatic Environments" at the SCAR 2014 meeting
July 2014: Jon Hawkings is part of an INTERACT field campaign to east Greenland, looking at biogeochemical changes in the proglacial plain
June 2014: Liz Bagshaw starts a lectureship in aquatic biogeochemistry at Cardiff University. Congratulations Liz!
May 2014: Jon Hawkings and the team have a paper published in Nature Communications about iron release in melt from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. You can read the press release here.
May 2014: Liz Bagshaw runs a workshop at the University of Bristol to discuss Sensor Data Collection and Management in Freshwater Ecosystems. You can can find out more by checking out the 'Workshop' page.
April 2014: Jemma Wadham, Liz Bagshaw and Steve Burrow are awarded more funding from the NERC Impact Acceleration Account to develop prototype wireless sensors for river monitoring.
April 2014: Liz Bagshaw gives a talk about Cryoegg at a workshop on subglacial processes at the Centre for Ice and Climate in Copenhagen, and presents a poster at EGU about the DELVE project.
February 2014: A visit to Lowtex from our friends at Ocean Optics
December 2013: Liz Bagshaw, Jemma Wadham and Steve Burrow are awarded a NERC Impact Acceleration grant to investigate using ETracers for water monitoring in temperate environments.
October 2013: Ben Lishman and the team publish a paper about acoustic communication from the Cryoegg in Annals of Glaciology
September 2013: Alex Beaton and Liz Bagshaw visit project partners Unisense in Denmark.
Summer 2013: Cryoeggs and DELVE pH and nitrate sensors tested at Narsarsuaq in South Greenland.

Liz Bagshaw and James Bowden set up the Cryoegg listening station

April 2013: New cryoeggs under manufacture for testing in Greenland.
January 2013: Cryoegg features in New Scientist Magazine article about polar technology
December 2012: Presentation by Liz Bagshaw at American Geophysical Union, San Francisco on "Novel wireless sensors for sub-ice applications"
August 2012: First prototype Cryoegg tested at Leverett Glacier, SW Greenland. You can see some more photos on Ben Lishman's website

Ben Lishman listening for Cryoegg

July 2012: Presentation by Liz Bagshaw at the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Open Science Conference, Portland, Oregon
February 2012: Presentation by Ben Lishman at the BGA New Advances in Geophysics meeting on "Acoustic communications in glacial environments".
January 2012: Paper published in Hydrological Processes Today on the e-tracers project
December 2011: Presentation by Ben Lishman at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting on "Evaluating acoustic methods for wireless sensing in ice sheets".
November 2011: Science museum exhibit on Cryo-egg and subglacial hydrology.
July-August 2011: Fieldwork in Greenland, aiming to (a) investigate the received signal strengths from radio transmitters in moulins, and (b) test attenuation in an acoustic communication link through the ice sheet. You can find out about this on the ICETracers website
January 2011: Nature news article on Lake Vostok and the relevance of subglacial sensing.
August 2010: Steve Burrow and Ben Lishman travel to Greenland to conduct further field tests on e-tracers .
December 2009: BBC Report on the Cryo-egg proposal.