There Is No Alternative:

The Political Economy Of Thatcherism



(HIST 32033/4)

Further resources

·         British Elections datasets

·         British Politics Page

·         General election manifestos since 1945

·         Greenwell’s Monetary Bulletins, courtesy of Michael Oliver

·         HM Treasury

·         Link to UK political parties

·         Number 10 Downing Street

·         Political Studies Association

·         UK government official web site

Thatcherism sites

·         Margaret Thatcher Foundation: ‘the official website of the Thatcher Foundation, the largest contemporary history site of its kind. The site offers free access to the full texts of thousands of documents relating to the politics of the last quarter of a century.’

·         Margaret ‘is devoted to explaining the life and political career of Margaret Thatcher on the World Wide Web. More than twelve years after Margaret Thatcher's resignation as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the key tenets of Thatcherism are perhaps even more relevant to British politics and international relations than ever before.’

·         The Margaret Thatcher Site: ‘launched with the aim of discovering the real Margaret Thatcher.’

·         Iron Lady