Unit title: Disunited Kingdom?: aspects of contemporary British history

Unit tutor: Dr Roger Middleton

Unit structure: 10 seminars, each of one and a half hours

1 assessed essay of 5,000 words

Unit outline:

This unit explores the fragility of Britain's postwar settlement, that of a managed-mixed economy/welfare state and an uncooperative bargain struck between organized labour and capital, and the challenges to which it was to be subjected in the ensuing half century. An understanding of the eventual collapse of Keynesian social democracy, and of its eclipse by the New Right and 'Little Englander' conceptions of Britain's destiny in Europe, is sought through an examination of the key debates in British contemporary history: those of relative economic decline, geo-political reorientation and decolonization, domestic political fragmentation and the collapse of consensus.


  1. Introductory meeting: the major themes; administrative matters.

  2. Relative economic decline: fact and fiction.

  3. Understanding the growth of government.

  4. The welfare state and consensus.

  5. Capital vs. labour: state traditions and uncooperative bargaining.

  6. Britain as a great power, or not.

  7. Britain and European integration.

  8. Domestic politics and conceptions of nationhood.

  9. The collapse of Keynesian social democracy and the New Right.

  10. Conclusions: explaining relative economic decline from the perspective of the 1990s.

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