Facilities at Lowtex

The Low Temperature Experimental Facility (LOWTEX) is a unique national research facility focussed upon biogeochemical processes in freshwater systems, including low temperature environments. LOWTEX offers a range of sample preparation and analytical services, in addition to temperature controlled facilities for experimentation.

Dionex ICS-3000

The ICS-3000 Reagent-Free™ IC (RFIC™) system is dedicated to analysis of low molecular weight dissolved organic matter present in low concentrations in water samples. The system consists of; a dual pump (DP) module, eluent generator (EG) module with an EGC II KOH cartridge, detector/chromatography module (DC), thermal compartment with single temperature zone configuration, autosampler and Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor (ASRS 300 4 mm). The ICS -3000 is very versatile and adaptable to user needs, currently dedicated to detection and quantification of volatile fatty acids, carbohydrates and aminoacids in small (< 1ml) volume water samples.

Dionex DX-500

The DX-500 dual-analysis system is designated to inorganic ion analysis. Dual-system allows simultaneous analysis of anions and cations from a single sample minimizing sample volume and analysis time. High sensitivity, solid performance and large autosampler capacity provide ideal solution for routine environmental water analysis.

Horriba Yvon Fluorolog®-3

Featured on the market as the world most sensitive spectrofluorometer Fluorolog®-3 offers versatility and truly state-of-the-art performance. Fluorolog®-3 offers fast synchronous scan option for rapid scrutiny on numerous samples as well as detailed 3D inspection of fluorophores present in water samples. Our instrument is equipped with solid sample holder and Front Facing option. User friendly integrated software allows fine-tuning of light source and detection parameters to comply with user most scrupulous needs. Routinely used for detection and distinction of proteinaceous, fulvic and humic dissolved organic matter.

Picarro Isotopic Water Analyzer L1102-i

The Picarro Isotopic Water Analyzer, L1102-i offers high-precision δD and δ18O measurements. Simultaneous δD and δ18O analysis combined with large autosampler capacity and fast analysis provides highest sample throughput. Unique Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy with effective laser path length up to 20km offers precision equal or better than conventional isotope ratio mass spectrometry.

Picarro Isotopic CO2 Analyzer G1101-i & Picarro Isotopic CH4 Analyzer G1112-i

The Picarro Cavity Ring Down isotopic analysers deliver currently best in class performance. Both intruments are field portable and have been tested in harsh environemntal conditions. Monitoring only spectral frequencies of interest reduces sensitivity to interfering species.

Shimadzu TOC-V CSN Total Organic Carbon Analyzer and TNM-1 Total Nitrogen Measuring Unit

TOC-V and TNM systems allow simultaneous TOC and TN analyses saving time and sample volume. Platinum catalyst presence in combustion tube ensures rapid yet complete oxidation of organic components in water samples. Optional high-sensitivity catalyst can be fitted into instrument for low TOC concentration samples.

Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph

Our Varian CP-3800 is fitted with methanizer, Thermal Conductivity and Flame Ionisation detectors allowing detection and quantification of various gases among which we regularly run carbon dioxide, methane, acetylene and ethylene. We do have a range of different chromatography columns, including custom made ones for various applications.


AutoAnalyzer 3 from Seal Analytical configured for Segmented Flow Analysis allows fast analysis of ammonia, total oxidized nitrogen, phosphate, nitrite and silica. Large capacity autosampler and simultaneous multichannel analysis permit large sample throughput and minimizes the required volume of samples.

Cold rooms and Incubators

Lowtex laboratories feature a unique set of walk-in cold rooms and incubators for cryospheric biogeochemical research. Cold rooms and incubators offer a wide range of temperatures (down to -30°C) and light conditions that can be adjusted for user specific needs. Housed within Lowtex is Ice Preparation Room equipped with Well Diamond Wire Saw-6324 offering precision cuts for the debris laden ice, as well as Laguna 14" SE Bandsaw designed for ice core cutting.

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