West Bristol Orchestra

We play a whole range of classical music, mainly from the classical, romantic and modern periods.

We play many pieces during the year (our year is Sept-July), polishing some more than others. An interest of the orchestra is to play music that is not played frequently. So, if you join us, you will almost certainly play music you have not played before. The panel on the right shows some of the composers whose music we have enjoyed in recent years.

Soloists also join us from time-to-time - perhaps about 6 times per year.


Below are a few of the pieces we have played during the past few years as well as a preview of what is planned for 2018/19.

Note: We are not playing in the YouTube clips below. The clips are provided so that you can hear the pieces, if you are not already familiar with them. (Some of the YouTube clips are preceded by adverts that you can skip after a few seconds.)

Some pieces we are playing in 2018/19: