Heidy M Mader

School of Earth Sciences, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1RJ, UK.
email: h.m.mader@bristol.ac.uk

on Villarica volcano in Chile


My research interests are primarily in physical volcanology with a secondary strand in glaciology. These two apparently disparate topics do have something in common; both involve multiphase processes.

Volcanological research focusses broadly on multiphase flow processes during volcanic eruptions. My group has a long-standing interest in 'multiphase rheology', where we seek to quantify how adding bubbles and particles to a melt affect its viscosity. A current major project is directed at understanding how disequilibrium processes affect degassing and crystal kinetic in basaltic eruptions (case study volcanoes: Etna, Holuhraun, Laki & Sunset Crater) see DisEqm. An ongoing collaboration with GNS Science (New Zealand) has focussed on understanding degassing processes at a range of New Zealand volcanoes (Ruapehu, Tarawera and Taranaki). Previous research has been directed inter alia at understanding nucleation, fragmentation, seismo-acoustics, and the propagation of pyroclastic flows. I have also been involved in developing the emergent community interested in the application of statistical methods to volcanic hazard assessment.

Glaciological research centres on the microscopic water content in glacial ice and where impurities (soluble, insoluble, and microbial) are located with respect to that water. These problems affect the viability of microbial life in the ice, the record of past climates, and the flow response of large bodies of ice to changes in their thermal regimes.


Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (year 4 and MSc)
Applied Hydrogeology (year 3)
Avon River Pre-Project (year 2)

Journal Editor

I am Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research


NERC-NSFGEO Large Grant: DisEqm: Quantifying Disequilibrium Processes in Basaltic Volcanism

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In the picture, I am on Villarica Volcano in Southern Chile.
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