Jemma Wadham is the project leader and is director of Bristol Glaciology Centre's LOWTEX facility. Her research interests are in the geochemistry and hydrology of Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine regions.
Matt Mowlem is head of the Sensors Devlopment Group at the National Oceanography Centre. His expertise is in the development of novel, in situ biogeochemical sensors.
Martyn Tranter is professor of Physical Geography at Bristol Glaciology Centre . He is interested in biogeochemical processes in Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine meltwaters.
Liz Bagshaw is a PDRA on the DELVE and Cryoegg projects who co-ordinates field and laboratory testing of the cryoegg and DELVE sensors. She is interested in using sensors to understand rapid biogeochemical changes occurring in glacial environments.
Alex Beaton is a PDRA on the DELVE project, based at the National Oceanography Centre, with responsibility for manufacturing and testing chemical sensors. He designs sensors specifically for cold climates, but also uses them to understand ocean processes.
Ben Lishman is a PDRA on the Cryoegg project, now based at UCL, who designs communications systems for the Cryoegg. He investigates ice properties and processes.
Jon Hawkings is a PhD student on the DELVE project. He is interested in nutrient export from ice sheets.
Steve Burrow is a Reader in the Aerospace department. His research focusses on the efficient manipulation of electrical energy.
Ian Craddock is a Professor in the Computational Electromagnetics Group within the Centre of Communication Research at Bristol, with a particular interest in modelling Conformal Antenna Arrays.
Bruce Drinkwater is Professor of Ultrasonics at Bristol. His research interests include non destructive testing, ultrasonic sensors, and ultrasonic measurement of contact and lubrication.
Geoff Hilton is a Senior Lecturer in the Computational Electromagnetics Group. His research interests include antenna element, array and system design for a variety of communications and radar applications.
Mike Kendall is head of the Earth Sciences department at Bristol. His research interests cover global, exploration and theoretical seismology, with an emphasis on seismic anisotropy.