Meltwater from ice sheets and glaciers contains important biogeochemical information. Measuring the chemistry of meltwater can teach us about:

Supraglacial Lake in Greenland

To measure these parameters, samples of meltwater must be collected and analysed. However, undertaking traditional water sampling in glaciated regions is challenging because of:

This project, based at the University of Bristol, investigates new methods for measuring glacial meltwater and commuicating these data. Please browse the tabs to the left to learn about the DELVE project, which is looking for the best commercially available and bespoke sensors for measuring biogeochemical parameters in meltwaters, and the Cryoegg project, which is investigating new ways of measuring and communicating data from beneath the ice sheets. You can also see who is involved in the project and what we're up to at the moment. We will use our findings to understand processes occuring on and beneath the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

The project is funded by the National Enviromental Research Council .