Workshop Program

The workshop program is shown below. Abstracts can be found under Keynotes and Speakers.

09:45Keynote Talk I
Javier Civera, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Using Planes for 3D Reconstruction, Place Recognition and Scene Understanding [slides]
Session I
11:00Teresa Vidal Calleja, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
The Role of Planes and Edges in Lidar-Inertial Integration [slides]
11:20Patrick Geneva, University of Delaware, USA
Aided INS with Geometric Features: Analysis, Algorithms, and Challenges [slides]
11:40Oliver Moolan-Feroze, University of Bristol, UK
Using line-based wind turbine representations for UAV localisation during autonomous inspection> [slides]
12:00Seung Jae Lee, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Low-Drift, Efficient Visual Odometry and SLAM Utilizing Environmental Structures [slides]
12:30Speakers Discussion Panel I
14:00Keynote Talk II
James Elder, York University, Canada
Single-View Gestalt 3D Manhattan Surface Reconstruction [slides]
Session II
15:10Armon Shariati, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Simultaneous Localization and Layout Model Selection in Manhattan Worlds [slides]
15:30Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, University of Adelaide, Australia
Real-Time Structure and Object-Model Aware Sparse SLAM [slides]
15:50Toni Rosinol, MIT, USA
Towards Real-Time Metric-Semantic Localization and Mapping with 3D Mesh Models [slides]
16:15Speakers Discussion Panel II
16:45Closing Remarks
17:00End of Workshop