Workshop Program

The workshop program is shown below, along with links to the slides for each presentation where available. Talk abstracts can be found on the keynote speakers and invited speakers pages.

09:15Keynote Talk I
Sudipta Sinha, Microsoft Research Redmond, USA
Flexible priors for robust dense stereo matching [slides]
Session I : Planes
10:30Lingni Ma, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Exploiting planar structures for RGB-D tracking and mapping
10:50Osman Ulusoy, Microsoft, USA
Towards Probabilistic Volumetric Reconstruction using Ray Potentials [slides]
11:10José Martínez Carranza, INAOE, Mexico
Filling the gaps of 3D mapping in Monocular SLAM: from inverse depth for planes to super-pixels [slides]
11:30Yuichi Taguchi, MERL, USA
RGB-D SLAM Using Hybrid Correspondences
11:50Ming Hsiao, CMU, USA
Dense Planar-Inertial SLAM for Large-scale Indoor 3D Reconstruction [slides]
13:30Keynote Talk II
Yasutaka Furukawa, Simon Fraser University, Canada
What levels of geometric priors do you need for 3D modeling? [slides]
Session II : Manhattan Models
14:15Paul Amayo, Oxford University, UK
A unified representation for application of architectural constraints in large-scale mapping
14:35Javier Civera, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Single-View and Multi-View Planar Models for Dense Monocular Mapping
14:55Julian Straub, Oculus, USA
Nonparametric Directional Perception [slides]
15:15Alejandro Perez-Yus, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Wide RGB-D for Scaled Layout Reconstruction [slides]
15:35Shichao Yang, CMU, USA
Joint semantic and geometric SLAM using high level features [slides]
Session III : Lines and Optimisation
16:30W. Nicholas Greene, MIT, USA
Fast Lightweight Mesh Estimation using Variational Smoothing on Delaunay Graphs [slides]
16:50Jesus Briales, University of Malaga, Spain
Fast and Global 3D Registration of Points, Lines and Planes [slides]
17:10Rubén Gómez Ojeda, University of Malaga, Spain
Visual Odometry and SLAM using Line Segment Features[slides]
17:30End of Workshop